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The Estrella Cedeno Foundation is working towards mission-critical projects to ensure that the village of El Colorado in Ecuador is able to provide its people with much-needed access to education, clean water, electricity, doctors and medicine and much more. Read about our life-enhancing projects and please help donate to these crucial causes. Our U.S.-based volunteers are planning a mission this year to create further develop of current and new projects in 2020. Every dollar helps to restore the lives of this impoverished community.


The village of El Colorado is in desperate need of clean, running water for their community. Villagers currently need to go into town via a canoe to purchase gallons of water daily. We are raising much-needed funds to supply the people with a water pump and pumping system.


To that end, electric is also greatly needed to help with running the water pump. Your contributions will greatly help us reach our goals to provide the community with electric and ensure that running water is sustainable. We are also aiming to find ways to create solar panels for the homes to help supply electric to the villagers.


To help ensure that this village receives much-needed doctors and medicine, we are also asking for donations to cover travel expenses for volunteer doctors and nurses to visit and treat adults and children monthly. All contributions will go toward ensuring that families are as healthy as possible and reduce spread of any diseases.


The Estrella Cedeno Foundation is working to build a grammar school in the community so that young children (ages 3-8) do not have to travel so far and risk their lives. The closet school requires little children to travel five days a week via a canoe at 5:00am and walk about 30-45 minutes in all types of weather conditions. Please consider donating to develop a grammar school in their village for these young children to thrive in the community.


We are also in the process of educating the community about the importance of recycling and the villagers are now cleaning the streets and beaches in Pedernales. We need more volunteers to teach the community how to recycle and meet with the local Governors to create an ongoing program. 


We launched this project shortly after the devastating earthquake but then quickly realized that the community has more urgent needs, such as electricity and running water. This is still an active initiative but we are focusing strongly on the more mission-critical projects above.

The Estrella Cedeno Foundation is working towards its goal to build and create an "Art School in Pedernales.” This school will teach valuable skills and business opportunities to provide livelihood and hope to the young people of Pedernales. We partner with public and/private schools in Pedernales, Ecuador (one of the many cities that was destroyed) to support the academies, schools and organizations that have similar missions of educating and creating a self-sustaining operation.

Students are selected for the training programs and tuition is provided through scholarships from donations. Each participant is also studied to begin experiencing financial independence through coaching to help start their own business. This initiative helps the economy of the town and create jobs for others.