Estrella Cedeno Foundation:

The Estrella Cedeno Foundation is a non-profit organization created by a passionate group of USA residing family members, entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers, with a common goal: to help the community affected by the one of the most devastating earthquakes in history and to protect and elevate the quality of life and educational needs in a village that has being abandoned and in need. Our mission is to funnel our passions and provide education and job skills to the young adults that will help them build a better and more prosperous future.



The Estrella Cedeno Foundation is working towards mission-critical projects to ensure that the village of El Colorado in Ecuador can provide its people with much-needed access to clean water, electricity, doctors and medicine and much more. Become involved today!

All donations go directly to Estrella Cedeno Foundation to support crucial life-enhancing projects for the community, including: tools, medicine, clean water and electricity.  

We could not support the community in Ecuador without your help. Discover the many ways that each of you can make a difference. To us, everything counts.

Our mission is to provide job skills, artistic education and basic humanitarian needs to the men and women of El Colorado Village and help them build a better and more prosperous future.

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